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What You Need to Know When You Build a Website with BnB Websites

We know it can sometimes seem confusing when starting a large project like building a website. We want the process to go as smoothly as possible for everyone, so here is what you need to know about our website construction process.

    • Building a website is a collaborative process.

      YOU are a valuable member of our team. Nobody knows your business like you do, therefore we want you to work right along with us to create a website that will show your property in the best light. Without your assistance, we won't be able to build an effective website for your business.
    • What we expect you to provide for us:
      • Information about your property, your marketing goals and business strategies.
      • High-resolution, top quality photographs of your property that show each element of your business including the guest rooms, the common areas of your property, the exterior, breakfast, and the local area attractions.
      • Text for each page of the website that includes important keywords for your area and business.
      • Relevant links for your website.
      What we will provide for you:
      • Professional suggestions on ways to improve your online branding.
      • Text editing and keyword optimization.
      • Basic photo editing and cropping.
      • An attractive and functional website design.
      The sooner we get the website content and information from you, the better your website will be.  Building a website before we have photos and text is a little like building a house before receiving the blueprints.  The process is a lot smoother if we know what we're building before we start and prevents a lot of unnecessary revisions.When content is delayed, it's leads to delays in the website construction.  We find that most of the time when a website is not finished by the estimated date, it is due to us not receiving the content we needed in time to complete the website construction.

    • Building a website takes time.
    • Many people believe that building a website is a simple and quick process that involves pushing a few buttons and flipping a few switches. The truth is that website design involves many hours of work done by a dedicated team of professionals. Here are just a few of the things involved in a website design:

      • Marketing and branding research.
      • Website color, font, and style design in Photoshop.
      • Wireframe and structure mapping of the website.
      • Implementation of logos, marketing slogans, and contact information.
      • Content gathering.
      • Page layout design for each page of the website.
      • Photo editing and cropping.
      • Text editing and formatting.
      • Link checking.
      • Search engine optimization researching and implementation.
      • Implementing custom codes and widgets.
      • Setting up emails.
      • Setting up social media accounts and coordinating them with the customer's brand.
      • Incorporating membership icons, TripAdvisor review widgets, etc.
      • And so much more!
        We estimate 60-90 days for a complete website design. That time frame only begins after we have discussed your website needs, selected a design, built the framework of the website into our system, and received approval of the design from you.
        If you're wondering how you can speed up the process, please get us the content that we need and answer our emails in a timely manner. We often balance several website projects at a time so we are very careful with the way we schedule our work time. We usually rotate through our clients, working on each website for a few hours every few days. If we get to your project, but we do not have the content or feedback that we need, we will move on to the next client and come back to your project in the next rotation.

    • We really do know what we're doing.
    • Here at BnB Websites, our design team have years of experience building websites, specifically for the lodging industry. After building hundreds of lodging websites, we know what works effectively and we know what doesn't.

      Your brother's cousin's friend's neighbor may have given you a fun suggestion for your website, but we hope that you will value our experience and wisdom when it comes to building a professional and polished website for your property.

      We believe that our job is not just to make our customers happy- our job is to make our customer's customers happy.

      If potential clients visit your website and find what they want, they will make a reservation and you will make money. This is our ultimate goal!

      To accomplish our goal, we believe in telling you what you need to hear and not just what you want to hear. If you are asking us to do something on your website that will drive away your customers, we will tell you.

      We never intend to offend and we will always give you the final say, but we wouldn't be doing our job well if we didn't give you our professional advice.

      We hope that as we work together on your website, we will earn your trust in us. We are on the same team and have the same goal in mind.

      TOGETHER we can build the best website for your business!
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