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What To Expect During Your Website Build

We want your website construction process to be as easy and painless as possible. Please read through the information below to find the answers to questions you might have about the build process. If you have any questions, please contact your project manager or fill out the form on our contact page.

❶ You Will Need To Provide Text and Images

YOU are an important member of our team.
Nobody is more of an expert on your property and business than you are! We can help to edit, organize, or format the text you send, but it's best if we start with your written content. For the images, we highly recommend hiring a professional photographer. Excellent photos might be the difference between potential guests clicking that reservation button or not.

We have some generic stock photos available.
We do have access to a limited stock photo library, but if you need specific images, it will be up to you to provide stock photos for your website. You can find a good selection of free images on Unsplash.

We use Dropbox share content.
We use Dropbox to share photos. You will need to create an account with Dropbox and upload your files to a folder named as your property. Once you have images or text uploaded to that folder, you can share it with us at and everyone on our team at BnBwebsites can access the content you've provided.

Emailing content is a secondary option.
You may email content to us as well, but be aware that photos often get resized to a lower resolution. You will need to attach images to the email rather than embedding the content directly into the email so that we can save the attachments to your folder.

PLEASE NOTE: You must provide all the photos and text files to us before we begin your website construction. Building a website without photos and text is a bit like quilting without fabric. It just can't be done!

❷ Your Website Package Includes 12-20 Pages

There is an additional charge for extra pages.
Make sure you check your contract to see how many web pages are included with your selected package. Our standard packages include 12, 16, or 20 pages. If your current website has more pages than that, we can combine some content as long as the pages do not become longer than 3 page lengths. The other option is to upgrade your package or pay an extra page charge of $50 per page. If you have a lot of pages, ask us about a large website package to save money.

The website accessibility pages and the site map do not count toward your 16 pages. However, your home page and contact page do count.

We recommend limiting the area attraction pages.
We find that many people have multiple pages for area attractions. That's one place where we can combine or simplify content. The reason for an area page is typically to get important keywords on the website and to provide a helpful guide to your customers. However, these pages can easily turn your website into a tourism website!

❸ Building A Website Takes Time

We work on multiple websites at the same time.
At BnBwebsites, we strive for both quality and speed. However, our builders are often building multiple websites at the same time. We plan our schedules very carefully in order to make progress on many websites each week. If we schedule a time to work on your website, but we have not received feedback or requested content by that time, you may have to wait at least a week for your next scheduled time.

Please check your email regularly.
We try to keep in touch with regular reminders, but it will be up to you to check your email and respond in a timely manner if you want to stay on schedule with your build. If you don't hear from us, please reach out to make sure your email didn't end up getting accidentally deleted or lost.

There is a lot of processing that happens out of sight.
It is important to remember also that we have a thorough QA process to check for errors, mistakes, grammar, and ADA compliance, and an extensive SEO process to make sure your website gets found by search engines. These processes may continue for up to two weeks after the website is "finished."

PLEASE NOTE: The more changes you request, the longer your build will take. We want to get it right, but if you request multiple changes, the build will naturally take more time to finish than the average website might.

❹ We Work With One Point of Contact

Design by committee leads to delays.
We need you to select one person to be our point of contact during your website build. Usually, the more people involved in the process, the longer the website construction takes. Everyone has their opinions and ideas and it can be difficult (if not impossible) to please an entire group of people.

If you have hired an expert to partner with us, please let us know before the build.
We are happy to work with your SEO specialist or marketing partner, but we want to hear their ideas before we have already built the website. It is difficult to implement requests after the site has reached completion.

❺ We Tell You What You NEED To Hear

Your website is not for only you.
We want your website to add to the success of your business. That means we will often tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. Sometimes we will give you a gentle reminder that your website is meant to appeal to your potential guests more than it needs to appeal to you.

We have the expertise and training to create a professional website.
We've built hundreds of websites for the lodging industry. We encourage you to take advantage of our experience. If you provide us with the content we need, we will figure out the best way to layout the content on each page. We can suggest the best way to set up the pages of your website. We can even advise you on popular website trends in the lodging industry.

We suggest keeping it simple.
While we want to maintain your brand style, adding those little "extras" to the website often ends up requiring lots of time to implement with very little return. We recommend keeping your website clean, simple, and easy to use. We keep our prices down by creating a highly functional and appealing website without all the needless bells and whistles. If you want a few extras, we can charge an additional fee. If you want lots of customization, we might not be the best fit for your needs.

We aim to find a good balance between form and function.
A recent issue that we frequently encounter is finding a balance between visual appeal and being compliant with ADA regulations. While those slideshows do allow for more photos, they are not considered ADA compliant. You might like a lighter color, but it doesn't provide adequate contrast with text to meet regulations. We will do our best to notify you if your request goes against best practices.

❻ Your Website Evolves Over Time

We understand that your website will require frequent updates and changes.
Once your website construction is completed, we will take your website live. However, this is not the end of our relationship! Most website plans include monthly changes. A goal of ultimate perfection is unrealistic because your business doesn't remain the same forever. Your website should change along with your business!

Our support team is responsive.
When you have an update to your website, our support team typically makes those changes within 48 business hours of your request. If you are adding pages or have extensive changes, you may be asked to pay a small fee or wait until we can make the changes over time.

We are here for you.
Our goal is to be your website provider for life! We want to develop strong relationships with our clients so that we can be a trusted partner as you build your brand and business. Your success is our success!


We are committed to making our website ADA compliant.


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