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How to Create a Website That Converts

5 Things Your Website Needs to Be Successful

Visitors to your website should know what you offer in only a few seconds. If they don't, you're losing sales. Is your message easy to understand? These five key elements will help you to clarify your message and help increase sales on your website.

❶ Simplify Your Tagline

Avoid overloading your customers with too much information. They should be able to understand what you offer in just a few seconds using only a few words. Create a simple tagline that tells your customers how you improve their lives.

❷ Ask for the sale

Don't make your customers work too hard. Your website and marketing material should provide a clear call to action that is easy to find. If your business is known for something special, you should feature it on your site and make it clear how people should buy it. The top right of your screen is the most popular location for action buttons, so make sure your customers can find it there.

❸ Visually Express Your Solution

Remember that your website is not about your company, but about your customers. Show how your product solves your customers' problem. What does life look like with your product? How does your product improve their life?

❹ Create Easy Options

If you include every service that you provide on the home page of your website, people are going to get overwhelmed. Presenting fewer choices actually increases customer interest in your products. Simplify your offerings and allow users to really engage with your products.

❺ Answer Questions

Know the answers to the important questions and provide them clearly on your website. What is your customer looking for and how do you provide it? What is the problem they are facing and how can you solve it? How do you provide the best solution? Why is your solution better? What does life look like when their problem is solved? If you provide these answers, customers will choose your product to fill their needs.


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