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Website Design Services

Our website designs are made with innkeepers in mind. All of our designs are clean and well-organized to create an easy user experience that leads to more direct bookings for you. We know that building a new website can be an intimidating experience, but we make the process easy for everyone, even non-technical folks. You'll have a project manager to guide you through every step of the process.

Our Websites Include*

  • Responsive Design
  • ADA Compliance
  • Google Analytics
  • Photo Editing
  • Monthly Updates
  • Local Citations
  • 12–20 WEb Pages
  • Text Editing
  • Organic SEO

*View our pricing page for more details about our website design packages.

How It Works

A website is one of the most important elements of your marketing strategy. In order to create the best lodging website, we work closely with you to develop a functional and beautiful website that fits your needs. Our clients are important members of the website team and will be expected to provide material and input to assist in the build. Nobody knows your property as well as you do!

Color swatches fanned out

Design Selection

To get started, you'll work with a project manager to select a pre-made template design that will be customized to fit your brand. Using a template allows us to build a website quickly and efficiently. We change colors, layout content, and add branding elements to reflect the style of each unique property.

Photos of man on adventures

Content Gathering

Once the design is selected, you will be responsible to provide the logo, images, and text for your website. We use Dropbox to collect all of the content we need in one place. Our services always include editing text and photos as needed.

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Website Construction

Our designer will use your provided content to set up your website with your branding. We will build the home page first and send you a temporary link to view our work. If the website meets your expectations, we will continue to build the remaining pages of the website. We will check in regularly for feedback and changes. This step in the process typically takes 2–3 weeks.

Person writing on a notebook next to a laptop

Quality Checks

Once the website is finished, we will begin our extensive and thorough quality assurance checks. We review the text for grammar and spelling mistakes, we make sure layouts are consistent, and we check to make sure every element of the website is functioning properly.

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Search Engine Optimization

Before we take the website live, we will add metadata, keywords, and more to make sure that your new website can be found by Google and other search engines. This complex process can take up to a week.

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Step ❻
Go Live

We will help point your domain to our servers and take your website live. After the site is live, we will request a security certificate so that your website is secure. Once your website is live, you can share it with the world and enjoy the increase in traffic and conversions!

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More Than Meets The Eye

So much of our work happens where it's not visible. You and your guests will see a beautiful website with nicely edited and cropped photos, well-formatted text, and gorgeous layouts. But making an eye-pleasing website is only part of our job.

We also make sure your website can be found by search engines by optimizing your pages. Another part of our website construction process is a thorough quality assurance check to make sure we catch those little mistakes before they go live on the internet. We also do our best to help your website comply with constantly evolving ADA standards for the web.

From Our Client

"Customer Service at BnBwebsites is superior to any service I have experienced... fast, efficient, professional, and best of all, caring."
—Susan Maddox, Rosemont B&B Cottages.

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We are committed to making our website ADA compliant.


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