9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Be Found

Now you just need to be found!

Being visible in search engine results is vital for any business. To rise in the rankings, you need to use up-to-date SEO techniques. Optimizing your website includes keyword research, competition analysis, and proper implementation through high-quality content.

Blogging and social media will help you provide even greater value to more consumers, and help you appear more often in search engine results. Regularly publishing useful content through these channels helps keep your website organized, creates opportunities to receive backlinks, and lets everyone know that your business is authoritative.

Authority and trustworthiness are a big deal for businesses. Reviews are key to building social trust, encouraging purchases, and are a search engine ranking signal. The best reviews are positive, recent, and have a response from the business owner or representative.

Make sure that you’re utilizing a web traffic tracking service, like Google Analytics. This lets you see where your visits are coming from, how many visits your site is getting, what pages are most effective, and much more. Don’t waste time and money by making uninformed marketing decisions.

BnBwebsites employs full-time SEO experts to ensure that the most effective SEO practices are incorporated into the websites we build. This includes setting up our clients with a blogging platform, social media accounts, and Google Analytics.


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