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7. Professional Email / Contact Methods

Don't Advertise for Gmail


There are three levels of professionalism regarding email:

1. Amatuer: bookwormshaun@gmail.com
2. Rookie: smerrillbnbwebsites@gmail.com
3. Pro: smerrill@bnbwebsites.com

People generally avoid “Amateur” level email addresses for business. However, it’s surprising how often business owners are still at the “Rookie” level. Google doesn’t mind giving you a free email account because every time you send an email, you are also sending a Gmail advertisement. The same goes for @Yahoo.com, @Hotmail.com or @AOL.com accounts.

A “Pro” level email advertises for you. Set up an email that uses the domain name of your website. While this usually requires a modest fee, it is well worth the legitimacy and advertising it provides.

Once you have a professional email, make sure that it’s prominent and consistent on all of your web pages (just like the call to action). List your email address in the header and/or footer - these are the first places that a visitor will look. Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) need to be included on the contact page. It is also helpful to list NAP information in the footer of each page. Sharing your contact info prominently helps visitors feel welcome.

A note about forms: This tool can be useful, but should not be the only way to contact you. Every visitor has a preferred email service in which they’re most comfortable composing a message. Let them use it. As well, customers cannot always track their communication with you via forms. As a courtesy to your visitors, list your email and use forms as a supplement.


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