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6. Get away from Old Technology

Avoid These Fads

Another good place to start is removing old technology from your website. These website fads brand your site as outdated:

Music / Video

If your site automatically plays elevator music on startup, get rid of it. While this can elicit a certain mood, it more often blows a visitor's cover. Lots of people browse the web during spare time at work. When your website announces to the whole office that they’re off-task, they’ll close it down just to shut it up.


This animation software is used to wow visitors and draw them deeper into the website. The problem is viewability. If someone doesn’t have a flash plugin or is using an Apple device, the flash element will come up blank. Even when visitors have all the right software, it can take so long to load that they click away before it finishes. Throw in the fact that not all flash is crawled by search engines, and you have plenty of reasons to avoid this technology.


If your website has a small animated graphic that does the same thing over and over, it’s distracting. Movement draws the eye, and a gif will steal the show from everything else on your website. Even if you’re using it to draw attention to the call to action, it comes across as obnoxious.

BnBwebsites has a finger on the pulse of the website industry. Our websites use the best and most current practices, avoiding outdated technology.

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