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Social Media Marketing

As part of our website design services, we assist you in setting up your blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts (or coordinating the look of your current accounts with your new website). We recommend that you also claim your social media accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and other social media platforms to maintain your brand presence online.

We know that it can be overwhelming to market your business through social media when you're unfamiliar with the wide variety of platforms. Ask us about our ongoing SEO and social media advertising options!

Promote Your BnB Business

Expand your web presence and improve your search engine rankings. As much as we might love or hate social media, it's impossible to deny that it is an increasingly effective tool for distributing content, advertising, and maintaining customer loyalty. Those who take the time to construct engaging content are rewarded with shares—essentially free word-of-mouth advertising.

Ideas For Blogging

Blogging can have a significant effect on your search engine rankings if executed properly. If your content is engaging, useful, and shareable, you can earn powerful backlinks from other established publishers, and search engines can then recognize that your content is worthy of higher rankings. Additionally, your blog posts have the potential to rank for themselves in related searches.

Blogging does require more effort than other forms of social media, but the rewards can also be much greater. Here are some ideas for blog posts:

  • Local Events
  • New photos
  • Specials or Promotions
  • SEasonal UPdates
  • New Menu Items
  • REcipes

See how we can help build your brand online.

Social Media Advertising

Have too much on your plate and the thought of posting to social media is overwhelming? Let us post for you! You get us the content, and we post and manage the sites. With four different packages to choose from, we have a package perfect for you and your BnB.


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