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CUSTOM Logo design

Our goal at BnBwebsites it to provide you with a premium bed and breakfast website at an affordable price. An important part of a premium website is having a professional brand that sets you apart from your competition. A great brand rests on the foundation of a strong logo. When you think of your favorite consumer products, the brand names and logos are the first things that pop into your mind. It is the same when customers shop online for products & services. For example: when you hear about a new BMW or Lexus, your mind can instantly recall their logos...

We offer high-end, custom logo design to our clients at an affordable rate. We can also re-create your low resolution logo as a high quality vector, or give a face lift to your old or dated logo. We can even finance the logo price along with your website design with our special free-financing that we offer!

Here are a few of our custom logos, re-creations, & re-branding examples:

(click on the thumbnail image for a larger view)
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