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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a website?
Once we have all of your images and text, we typically build your website within 6–8 weeks. Of course, it depends on how many changes we need to make and a variety of other factors.

What do you need from me to get started?
We will need to schedule a phone interview so that we can make sure we build a website that fits your unique property. We will also need your logo, text, and photos for each page of the website.

What should I expect during the website build?
Once we get your content and begin the build, we will customize your design template and create your home page. We will send it to you for your approval before continuing. Once the home page is approved, we check in with you regularly to update you on our progress. After the site is finished, we will do a thorough QA and work our SEO magic. With your final authorization, we will take the website live! Read more about our website design process.

How do I tell you what I want on the website?
During our initial phone call, we will discuss your design preferences. Then we'll take it from there! We will use our experience to layout the content on each page of the website.

We are on a tight budget. Do you have options for me?
Definitely! Our websites are affordable for any budget and we have payment plans, too. Give us a call to discuss your unique needs so that we can find the right fit for you.

I'd like a totally unique and custom website. Do you have options for me?
Of course! We are happy to discuss your ideas for a special website design just for your property.

Will I be able to edit my website once it's finished?
With most of our plans, we offer you access to our custom CMS so that you can make basic edits to your website. However, we strongly recommend that you use our monthly update services—it's included in most plans!

I don't have a website at all. How quickly can you get a website finished?
If you don't have a current website, we can put a placeholder website online until we finish your website. The faster you get us content, the faster we can begin building your full website!

From Our Client

"Everyone at BnBwebsites is immediately responsive and helpful. The website product is excellent and didn't require much tweaking. Best of all, the website works and sells rooms. Thank you."

—Conrad Yates, Yates House Bed and Breakfast

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