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Creating a Facebook "Like" button for your website

In this time of information, in this age of innovation, Twitter, Email, Facebook, Instant Messaging and Texting gives us access to a torrent of information. It is sometimes hard for us to separate the gold from the fool’s gold, and so we are left to sift through it all in order to find the information that we find valuable. A fast and popular way for people to see what their friends and colleagues deem as worthwhile is through a Facebook “Like”. Through this tool, a friend becomes the ultimate filter, and we can see all the juicy tidbits in one place. After all, if they liked it, we might too. The bottom line is this: people do look at their Facebook friends’ “Likes and Interests” list, and through a few simple steps, we can show you how to get your company name onto that list by adding a “Like” button to your bed and breakfast website. Adding a “Like” button helps give your website more visibility, increasing your online presence. When a user finds your website and likes it, they can click on your “Like” button, which will let all their friends know about your website and it will even post a link to your site.

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You can add a like button to your website through these Simple steps

·         Under “Step 1 – Get Like Button Code” there is a help-box with a place to put in your info.
-   “URL to Like (?)” -here you put the URL of your Website. This is what Facebook will link to.
-   Layout- You have three options for how your “Like” Button will appear on your webpage. By changing the selection for the “Layout Style” you can see an example of how your “Like” Button will appear to the right of the help box.
     -- The standard layout, which shows social text to the right of the button, can include the profile pictures of those who like your website below the text, depending on whether you check “Show Faces”.
     -- The button-count layout displays the total number of people who have “liked” your webpage to the right of the button.
     -- The box-count layout displays the total number of people who have “liked” your webpage above the button, in a small pop-up balloon.
-   Width- Pretty straightforward, write in how many pixels wide you want your “Like” Button
-   Verb- decide whether you want it to be a “Like” Button, or a “Recommend” Button
-   Font- Choose the font of your like button
-   Color Scheme- Choose a dark grey color of button, or a light blue color of button
·         After choosing your preferences for your “Like” button, click “Get Code” at the bottom of the help box. This will give you two html codes, one for XFBML and one for Iframe. The XFBML is more compatible. Highlight the information in the XFBML box, then on your Keyboard, hold control, and hit “C” to copy; or highlight everything in that box, right click and choose copy.
·         Go to your website and go to your source code. Paste this into your desired location. You may have to call or email your webhosting company in order to get code on your webpage.

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