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E-mail and Analytics

Some innkeepers still use an AOL, Hotmail or Gmail address as their main E-mail address. It's important to convey a professional image by making sure your E-mail uses your domain name (Example: BnBwebsites uses Zoho for E-mail hosting and Google for web analytics. By using Zoho for your business E-mail, you can access your inbox via the web or through desktop clients like Outlook. Looking for a specific e-mail is easy and lightning fast within Zoho's web access. They also provide a lot of cloud-based storage space to keep your messages backed up.

BnBwebsites will help set up your
business class E-mail
and Google Analytics.

In addition to E-mail, BnBwebsites will set up Google Analytics for your website, deliver monthly traffic reports to you, and show you how to access the full range of data that is collected. You can track how many users are visiting your cabin website, what specific pages they hit, how long they stayed, what third party websites are sending you traffic, and lots of other data that can help you concentrate your marketing efforts or detect needed changes. 
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