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Business E-mails vs. Personal E-mails


Business Style E-mails:

Personal Style E-mails:
by Fred Pierce,

In today’s article I would like to talk to you about business styled e-mail addresses and how they can improve a business’ image.

When I was 16, I crashed my first car. I wasn’t paying attention and I rear ended another car. The front of my car was smashed but it still drove so I kept the hood strapped down with a bungee cord. 

After my car was “personalized” I felt uncomfortable with the impression that it gave to others, especially the girls that I took out on dates.  As a result I often asked my dad if I could borrow his Cadillac. On the rare occasion that he let me take his car, I was more confident in the impression I was making. On the inside both cars ran fine, they both got me from point A to point B, but with the bungee cord on the front I wasn’t putting my best face forward.

Business Style E-mail Address:

A business styled e-mail address represents and reflects the professional interests of the user or owner of the e-mail address itself.  It is a reflection of your products, services, abilities, skills and professional objectives.  A business styled e-mail address projects a professional image.  A good example of a business styled e-mail is  Using a business styled e-mail address is like me using my dad’s Cadillac when I needed to impress the girls I took out on the very few dates I went on.

Personal Style E-mail Address:

A personal styled e-mail address used for business purposes can reflect the interests of the user in a negative way. reflects the user likes Star Wars (which isn’t a bad thing).  I doubt the person sending the e-mail’s actual name is Han Solo and the credibility of an e-mail coming from a large service provider like hotmail is low.  Using this e-mail address is an example of a personal styled e-mail address.  This is like my wrecked car; it had my personal style all over it.

We are working in the bed and breakfast industry where approximately half of the inns use a personal styled e-mail address.  Your e-mail address says as much about you as your business cards and brochures do.  What kind of perception do you want to give your clients?  If you use a personal styled e-mail address for a business, it causes your guests to pause and question.  We council against using a personal styled e-mail address for your business, and suggest using a business style e-mail address to give a better impression and perception of you and your inn.  

For more information on email addresses, check out

Free Business Emails Through Zoho:

Very few companies and individuals know about the business class e-mail provided at no charge from Zoho.  Zoho Mail will allow you to use your own domain name to have a business styled e-mail address with
plenty of cloud-based storage space, and a great search feature.

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