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Our Website Design Templates for BnBs

If you are looking for website examples for your Inn or Bed & Breakfast, check out the website templates we have for Bed & Breakfasts.

We are a web design agency that will help you build a beautiful and results-driven website for your Bed and Breakfast. We are well-known for delivering the best website designs for the lodging industry with affordable prices.
A website


Soft tones and subtle frills combine to evoke elegance and luxury.

A website


This design uses bold patterns and colors to make a statement.

A website


This design has an elegant and high-class appearance. The homepage design is great for showing off a variety of things your property offers.

A website

The Palms

Clean space with splashes of brand colors give this design a clean and elegant feeling.

The Oak Lane Design

Oak Lane

An immersive experience featuring elegant colors and styles.

A website

Birch Gardens

This design has an elegant and clean personality, with brand colors prominently integrated throughout the website.

A website


Expansive white-space and sweeping images create a pristine and open user experience that places the focus on your photos.

A website

Emerald Creek

Homepage features an immersive, unframed photo, and uses navigation and card fade effects for fluid site exploration. Incorporates your brand color prominently.

A website


Wide images and crisp edges create an upper-scale atmosphere for visitors to tour. Can also feature your brand color.

A Website


Attractive home scroll presentation highlights your photos. Incorporates your brand’s color prominently, with accent color of your choice.

The Sunset Bay Design

Sunset Bay

The immaculate white spread is accented with the color of your choice. Features phone number prominently in the navigation bar.

The Longhorn Ranch Design

Longhorn Ranch

The off-white base communicates a rustic, country atmosphere. The contact strip presents clickable contact info. Works great with two brand colors.

The Eastborne Design


Proudly displays your logo from a centered banner. Laid out as a grid, this lightly accented design draws the eye from place to place.

The Outdoor Adventure design

Outdoor Adventure

This design has a strong, rustic personality with both colors and patterns.

The High Tide Design

High Tide

This design reflects a seaside retreat.

The Royal Design


This design uses clean, elegant colors to accent a property.


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