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10 Ways to Enhance your Website for SEO - Part 1

Putting together a beautiful website is great, but dropping your little gem into the furious hurricane of the web does you no good if it can’t be found. Here are some of the top ways to enhance your site so your customers can find you on the web.

Large and professional photos:

A thumbnail photo on a website is about appealing as a collection of fingernail clippings. Nobody wants to squint at their computer screen, trying to understand what they’re looking at. Viewers are even less likely to read the content to the side of the thumbnail. Bigger photos means more interest, and interested viewers will want to know more about the photo, so they will read the content. This will lengthen their stay on your website, and that’s really what you’re going for. Through Google analytics, Google sees how long your viewers have stayed on your website, and determine your website’s importance accordingly.
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Usability and flow:

Ask yourself if your site is easy to follow. Is it easy to find the information you want to find?  Is there a way to get back to the home page?  How easy is it to find the contact information? People don’t like aggravating websites. On websites where the menu changes order, we lose certain tabs, and it’s hard to find the information we need, we usually don't take the time to figure it out. We'll just find a friendlier site.

Keyword tool from Google. – long tail:

Certain words used in the content of your website, such as “Bed and Breakfast,” will bring you up on a Google search… on page 6,000. Keywords can help, but if you try to claim the number one spot on Google for “Bed and Breakfast,” you’re fighting the whole world, where bigger, scarier businesses are sure to be competing. By using Keywords very specific to your website, such as “Bed and Breakfast Austin, Texas,” you’ll find a much more manageable fight for page one on Google. Really, it’s directing your energy in productive ways. To get help with the best key words, we recommend using the Google keyword tool. For more information on the long tail, check out recommendation 1 on this site:

Headings (heading1):

Headings are given more weight than the rest of the content on your web page. It helps tell Google that these are the most important keywords on the page. It’s important to use headings, and to have good keyword choice in your headings. Use the following in your HTML code to mark it as a heading1     "<h1>Important Keywords</h1>" 

Alternative text on photos:

This SEO help is often overlooked, and is yours to use (for the taking). Google is blind, so it can’t see pictures of your dog, your inn or your sunset. By explicitly describing a photo with alternative text, Google can see it, and index it properly. It is just one more way to get extra keywords on your site. For more information on Alt text, check out
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